Pokémon Company Issues Warning to Pokémon Counterfeiters

February 21, 2012 -

Following reports this week that several Pokémon-themed apps had shown up in Apple's App Store(which were fake in every sense of the word), Nintendo subsidiary The Pokémon Company has issued a strong statement warning hucksters that it will do everything in its power to teach them a lesson. The Pokémon Company handles all things related to the popular brand including merchandising, TV, Movies, toys, and video games. The company told Develop this morning that it will take strong action against companies and individuals who attempt to sell counterfeited goods based on its popular brand.

"We continue to combat the unauthorized release of games, applications and merchandise that trick our fans into purchasing something that does not meet our quality standards," The Pokémon Company told Develop.

The company went on to say that fans should feel free to let them known when they notice a counterfeit Pokémon product on the market so they can deal with it in a direct and timely fashion.

Two fake Pokémon-related IOS apps, "Pokémon Yellow" and "Pokémon Pocket Edition," managed to make it past Apple's App Store approval process. In doing so the developers or publishers who created them managed to bilk consumers out of a lot of money before they realized that the apps were not real products.

Apple has removed both apps from the store.

Source: Develop. Thanks to Andrew Eisen for the tip.

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