Despite Problems, Job Seekers Want to Work for Foxconn

Despite complaints about poor working conditions and suicides, people in China looking for a job continue to flock to Foxconn. A Reuters UK article written by James Pomfret and filed after visiting Foxconn's main recruitment center (Longhua, China) claims that thousands of workers from rural regions wait on a daily basis outside the company's plant to take aptitude tests in the hope of gaining employment.

"As you can see, everyone wants a job here," a 19-year-old migrant worker told Reuters. "I've been coming here every day for two weeks now. Perhaps today will be my lucky day."

But the demand for work doesn't necessarily reflect well on Foxconn; it simply means people from rural areas in China need jobs and Foxconn just happens to have an abundance of them.

"As a top manufacturing company in China, the basic salary of junior workers in all of Foxconn's China factories is already far higher than the minimum wage set by all local governments," read a recent statement from Foxconn. Flyers outside the Longhua facility advertise wages of 1,800 Yuan ($290) per month, which are significantly higher than in other areas of the country.

You can read the Reuters report here.


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