Former Congresswoman and Lobbyist Joins Google

Former Republican congresswoman and lobbyist Susan Molinari has been named the head of Google’s Washington office, according to an exclusive report by Politico. The new job will put the former member of Congress of the front lines of privacy policy fights and laws legislation like SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. The search engine giant is facing closer government scrutiny over its privacy policies and business practices.

Molinari's tenure at Google will begin in mid-March as the company's vice president of public policy and government relations for the Americas. She will manage policy advocacy and government outreach in both North and South America. Prior to joining Google, Molinari ran Susan Molinari Strategies, a government affairs consulting firm (lobbying firm). Prior to that, she represented Staten Island, New York in Congress from 1990 to 1997. During her tenure there she was elected to the House GOP majority leadership, and was the highest ranking Republican woman in Congress. She also served as the co-anchor of CBS News Saturday Morning after leaving office.

Source: Politico

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