Oops! Taco Bell Apologizes for Rejecting ‘Accidental’ PS Vita Contest Winners

There's nothing quite so joyous as winning a much coveted prize from a contest, so it was with much glee that some customers who entered into Taco Bell's PS Vita contest received an email saying that they had won. But, as it turns out, they didn't win, and Taco Bell is now apologizing for what happened. They claim that someone "tampered" with the competition, in turn causing a bunch of notifications to be sent out to contest participants. The company later sent them an email saying that they had not won the contest. The Unlock The Box contest continues through March 11.

"We have learned that during a short period of time on January 30th, some people entering our ‘Unlock the Box’ promotion erroneously received a message suggesting they had won a PlayStation Vita, pending verification," wrote Taco Bell in a statement. "It was confirmed these entrants viewed these messages as a result of others who attempted to gain illegal entry and defraud the system. Unfortunately, during this time period some saw a confirmation screen but were not valid winners. We are therefore giving those consumers who viewed erroneous messages a second chance to win by automatically entering them into a separate draw to win a PS Vita."

Attorney Eric Ratinoff tells the news station that the company has a responsibility to deliver the prizes.

"If Taco Bell had a problem with the way they ran their own sweepstakes, that should be their own problem," he said.

It's a fair point that may very well be rooted in laws about contests. After all, a contest that is structured properly has a remedy in place for all potential contingencies.

Source: MCV

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