DeNA Ordered to Pay $2.9 Million for Copying Fishing Game

February 24, 2012 -

A Tokyo District Court has ruled that DeNA violated GREE's copyright when it released its fishing game Tsurige Town 2 in 2009. The game bore a striking resemblance to GREE’s Tsuri Star fishing game. GREE filed the lawsuit against DeNA in October of 2009 in Japan claiming copyright infringement. This week the court agreed and ordered DeNA to pay GREE $2.9 million. DeNA said that it will appeal the ruling.

GREE alleged in its lawsuit that DeNA copied elements of Tsuri Star’s top page design and its fishing mechanics in their fishing game, Tsurige Town 2. Interestingly enough, DeNa didn't actually develop the game - it was developed by Tokyo-based Orso. Nevertheless, the court sided with GREE on this one.

This is not the only lawsuit that the two companies are engaged in; GREE sued DeNA in October of last year claiming that the company pressured third-party developers into not publishing games on GREE's competing platform. DeNA counter-sued GREE earlier this month.

Source: by way of IndustryGamers


Re: DeNA Ordered to Pay $2.9 Million for Copying Fishing Game

Shame. Game mechanics should not be copyrightable.

Re: DeNA Ordered to Pay $2.9 Million for Copying Fishing Game

Agreed. I can only imagine if people managed to copyright even a genre. It'd be easy if oen can copyright shooter mechanics.

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