Rovio CEO: Acquisitions are an Option

Rovio may finally realize that – if it wants to be a publicly traded company at some point in its existence – that it may need more than one franchise to work with. The Angry Birds maker admitted that it might have to make a few acquisitions before it considers an IPO.

Rovio CEO Mikael Hed told AllThingsDigital recently that his company is prepared to make several acquisitions to help spurn its growth. The Angry Birds developer has achieved great success with its flagship franchise, turning the entertaining little mobile game into a multi-platform hit and a licensing and marketing juggernaut with its own line of board games, toys, and animations. They have even been used to advertise such things as pistachios and Google's Chrome.

But the company wants to have a stronger position that it already has by diversifying its portfolio a bit more. One way to do that is to make some serious acquisitions.

"That's another one of the areas we are starting to be ready for – acquisitions," Hed said. "It would be very easy for us to just go shopping. To get lasting benefit is the hard part."

Hed did say that he might be a bit more concerned about the company if it were relaying only on game development, but the diversification of Angry birds does make him feel that Rovio is in a good position. He also said that there is a lot of interest from various parties about buying the company.

"It is very regular to get contacted by somebody who wants to know if we are interested [in selling]," he said. "I would say there are a number of companies that are very active in the acquisition space. Zynga is one of them."

While acquisition offers are flattering, Hed says that he has yet to receive one that is worth considering. Hed adds that they are in no rush to make a sale.

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