Jimquisition : Mass Effect 3: A Gay Erotic Love Story

Destructoid's Jim Sterling detailed last week what he calls "a Mass Effect 3 gay love story" on Destructoid. This week as part of his Jimquisition show on The Escapist, he offers a sultry reading to make the whole story come alive. This also marks the first time that the show has been age-gated. Does that mean it is too saucy to be posted without a warning? I doubt it. Here's what Jim had to say about it on Destructoid:

"Let it not be said that I can't get mileage out of a concept. My Mass Effect 3 gay love story went over really well when it was posted on Destructoid last week, so I did a sultry reading of it on this week's Jimquisition for the crowd over there.

Interestingly, this is the first Jimquisition that The Escapist age-gated, because, 'the narrative format of this video renders the distinction between editorial and erotica somewhat ambiguous.'

I can't be unhappy with that. Technically, I've produced pornography!"

You can watch the show to your left, though it is probably not safe for work and not appropriate for children (not that the show ever was prior to this week's episode).

You can watch it here.

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    Nagaina says:

    Also: "made gay people look like sexual predators?"

    What the fuck is this I don't even

    How? By making the first move in a potential relationship? Because I've heard a lot of straight gamer dudes bitching because Anders flirting with them gets the gay cooties in their otherwise totally heterosexual video gaming experience. But that, my friend, is not sexual predation. It's basic romantic interaction.

    Or by having more than one sexual relationship in their lifetime? That also happens. A lot. On all sides of the sexuality continuum.

    Or is it because Anders can blatantly manipulate you using your feelings for him as a lever? Because, again, that's not "sexual predation." That's somebody being an utter dick towards someone they theoretically love — and he does it to you whether you're romancing him with bewanged!Hawke or vagina-bearing!Hawke.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    First let me say Jim on the whole Bioware, homosexual Jennifer Hepler scandal made a story about a young man with kids then he posted it live just because on twitter Bioware's General Manager literally told a customer in Bioware's bad customer service standards to 'fuck off' and then the general manager goes on to insulting other people.

    Because these people dared to comment and were commented on by the general manager an entire story was launched by this guy. Now this guys kids are being stalked and if you read his twitter you have people posting pictures of his kids saying on how they will kill his kids for daring to disagree with a writer who promotes homosexuality.

    What they sadly miss or was not talked about in that story was this man doesn't care there are homosexual actions in game since Bioware always had them in game, but the fact that Dragon Age II made gay people look like sexual predators who just go out and sexually harass people. If I remember right there was a small infighting at gaygamer about this very topic.

    Jim if a Bioware employee came and harassed me and called me an obscene name would that be cause for you as you write in your twitter that you would post my information and let people know what an evil person I am for daring to question Bioware?

    Please remove that guys information from your story his kids are being threatened. You wrote an entire article about people daring to question or comment on a Bioware writer who clearly went out of her way to insult the community calling them jealous because she has a 'vagina' and 'industry job' and 'they have neither' and you can sit and defend her but you come out and pretty much write an article on a guy who disagreed with Bioware which then results in this guy's family to be harassed and stalked….wouldn't you say your site and Kotaku are hypocritical?

    You post how dare anyone say anything negative about a female writer and how the internet is wrong for bullying her but yet you actually promote the bullying of that one guy?


    The article in question http://www.destructoid.com/bioware-writer-s-vagina-versus-the-internet-222206.phtml

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    Nagaina says:

    Don't put words in my mouth, sparky. I don't think it's okay to harass or threaten anyone. Particularly their kids.

    That being said…

    And I've followed the entire homophobic, misogynist circlejerk on the Bioware forums, Twitter, and assorted other gaming blogs. It was a fucking massive dogpile because of something Hepler said about alternative forms of gameplay in an interview from 2006, wherein she admitted she sometimes wished she could make combat skippable in the same way that many games make cut-scenes skippable. The douchebaggery across multiple social media platforms began almost immediately, started with "stupid bitch," included rape threats, involved people calling her house and threatening her person and her family, and degenerated into a typical gamer dudebro stew of sexism, misogyny, and homophobia, since the DA fanboys blame Hepler for queering up the joint in Dragon Age 2.

    That being said, Hepler was completely right in every aspect of her analysis of the explicitly sexist, misogynist, homophobic criticism of her, which focused almost entirely on her femaleness, her (alleged) queerness, and her alleged deficiencies as a writer due to those two facts. Her critics are, primarily, fucking idiots who are jealous of a woman holding a position they feel she doesn't deserve because she transgresses against their standards of "real gamer" purity and they can, in fact, fuck right off. This is pretty much exactly the same bullshit that every woman who writes and develops in the gaming industry, video or tabletop, deals with at some point or another — see: Redmond, Jade; Doda, Hilary; Hennig, Amy.

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    DorthLous says:

    WTF is a "gay supporters"?

    You do know homosexuality and pedophilia are two different things and are only linked through the face that they are both concerning the sexuality of people.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    I didn't know or follow Hepler until this situation. Fact is some people called her out on twitter. They called this an massive attack and at this point the General Manager at Bioware in their customer service glory told people to, "Fuck Off" at this point 'Jim' and other news stories ran a story about a defenseless woman being attacked on the internet.

    Some people posted that she was egging people on and insulting people and even told people that they are just jealous because she has a 'vagina' and an 'industry' job and they 'have neither' at this point people get pissed but yeah the gaming press really played down her roll on this drama and made it seem the rest of the internet was wrong and they should of laid down and took what she said and agreed with all her beliefs.

    However 'Jim' here actually linked and did a story on someone who disagreed with Hepler who the Bioware GM called him a 'fucking idiot' so now the victim here has people or gay rights supporters on his twitter page posting links of pictures of this guys kids and gay supporters saying on his twitter they will find and abuse his kids….

    So this to you is okay?

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    Nagaina says:

    Fanboy whining because Jennifer Hepler wounded his delicate fee-fees — after the "Bioware fan community" viciously attacked her for the unforgivable crime of liking different aspects of video games than they. Nothing to see here.

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