Jimquisition : Mass Effect 3: A Gay Erotic Love Story

Destructoid's Jim Sterling detailed last week what he calls "a Mass Effect 3 gay love story" on Destructoid. This week as part of his Jimquisition show on The Escapist, he offers a sultry reading to make the whole story come alive. This also marks the first time that the show has been age-gated. Does that mean it is too saucy to be posted without a warning? I doubt it. Here's what Jim had to say about it on Destructoid:

"Let it not be said that I can't get mileage out of a concept. My Mass Effect 3 gay love story went over really well when it was posted on Destructoid last week, so I did a sultry reading of it on this week's Jimquisition for the crowd over there.

Interestingly, this is the first Jimquisition that The Escapist age-gated, because, 'the narrative format of this video renders the distinction between editorial and erotica somewhat ambiguous.'

I can't be unhappy with that. Technically, I've produced pornography!"

You can watch the show to your left, though it is probably not safe for work and not appropriate for children (not that the show ever was prior to this week's episode).

You can watch it here.

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