Seamless Entertainment: Fight Pirates by Supporting Paying Customers

Seamless Entertainment studio director Dan Mahaga says that the best way to fight piracy is to pay more attention to consumers who buy your games. Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, Mahaga said creating games that have a perceived "value" are less likely to be pirated and more likely to be purchased by consumers. He also notes that it is a waste of time to worry about people who never planned on paying you in the first place.

"The argument most of us make is let's try to make it inexpensive and let's try to make it such a good value and so much fun that they go, 'You know, I want to support these guys, and I want to buy a copy’," said Magaha.

Magaha also noted that the studio's space combat simulation game SOL: Exodus had been pirated heavily after being released on Steam. Facing this, he came to the conclusion that it was important to engage their customer base's concerns and respond as quickly as they can to deal with any in-game issues that arise. In this way you show the people that bought the game that you appreciate their purchase.

Magaha admits that there will always be people who want to steal your games, but they should be ignored.

"You don't want to worry about the people who were never going to pay you ever, you worry about the people who were going pay you, but they were unhappy because there was something standing in the way of that deal."

Source: Develop

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