Joustin’ Beaver v. Justin Bieber

Android app developer RC3 has decided that it will fight lawyers representing teen heart throb Justin Bieber who sent the company a cease and desist over its game "Joustin' Beaver." The developer has preemptively filed a lawsuit against Bieber claiming that its game is a parody and therefore protected under the First Amendment. 

Critics of Bieber (of which there too many to list here) argue that this cease and desist against a small app developer is a bit heavy handed when there are games like "Kill Justin Beaver" out there that actually let you… kill Justin Bieber.

The game features a beaver floating along a river on a log. His goal is to knock "Phot-Hogs" down as they attempt to take his photograph, and to sign "Otter-graphs." The beaver also has to dodge the "whirlpool of success" so that he doesn't lose control of himself on the river.

The court filing follows what the developers call an “unsuccessful negotiation” with Bieber’s lawyer. Now the company is asking the court to rule that its game does not constitute any kind of infringement of Beiber's intellectual property or trademark rights. While we would think the court would rule in favor of RC3 because the game is clearly a parody of Justin Bieber, we'll have to wait and see if they come to some other conclusion.

If you are interested in supporting the developer, you can buy Joustin' Beaver here.


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