OnLive Offers Free Access to IGF 2012 Nominee Demos

OnLive is hosting free demos beginning this week (and running until March 11) that showcase the work of all of the Independent Games Festival nominees via Facebook. The Indie Showcase will run until March 11 and includes 16 games: Atom Zombie Smasher, Be Good, Dear Esther, Dustforce, English Country Tune, Frozen Synapse, FTL, Lume, Nitronic Rush, Once Upon a Spacetime, POP, SpaceChem, To The Moon, Toren, and Way.

"We love bringing innovative new game experiences to our users, and helping independent developers get their games out to a broad audience," said CEO Steve Perlman. "The OnLive Indie Showcase lets gamers everywhere share their enthusiasm for these leading-edge games."

"Our mission has always been to give innovative indie titles the exposure and recognition they deserve," added Meggan Scavio, director of GDC. "By partnering with OnLive and leveraging their cloud-gaming technology, we can take that exposure even further by putting these incredible indie titles in the hands of users across the US and UK."

OnLive also revealed that it will offer previous IGF titles at a 75 percent discount across its service. You can check out all the games via OnLive's Facebook page.

The 14th Annual Independent Games Festival takes place next week during GDC. Award winners will be announced at a ceremony on March 7.

Source: Thanks to Andrew Eisen for the tip.

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