Public Knowledge Launches The Internet Blueprint

Internet advocacy group Public Knowledge has launched a new web site called The Internet Blueprint. The goal of this new hub is to develop bills that will strengthen internet laws and ultimately make the internet a better place. The site is the group's response to lawmakers in Washington who asked Public Knowledge for input on how to improve the Internet.

The top part of The Internet Blueprint site lists "fully formed proposals," along with companies and organizations that support them. It also gives visitors a chance to show support by sharing the information with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It also allows visitors to see if their elected officials support the bill, and gives them a way to contact them if they don't.

Another part of the site allows the community to suggest new proposals, as well as have a voice in proposals that other visitors have suggested.

At a glance, some of the proposals at the top of the web site include "Curb Abuses of Copyright Takedowns," "Ensure Openness in International IP Negotiations," "Permit Lawful Uses of Copyrighted Content," "Reduce Copyright Abuse and Overreach," and "Shorten Copyright Terms."

Proposed additions currently being hashed out include "First sale for users, not owners," "The Free Internet Act," "Community Broadband Act," "Digital Transfers," and "Create an Office for Innovation."

You can learn more about The Internet Blueprint by visiting

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