Report: Origin Auto-Adding Installed EA Games

February 28, 2012 -

When EA first launched its Origin digital distribution platform there was a concern that the program was accessing and collecting data on users' computers. A strange occurrence spotted by members of Day One Patch shows that Origin is - at the very least - collecting and using information on what EA games are installed on a given PC. So what is it doing with that information? Apparently it is adding EA games bought and played on Valve's Steam to users' Origin accounts.

According to forum posts on Day One Patch, players noticed that EA games such as Dead Space 2 and Mass Effect were automatically appearing in their Origin game lists. They have come to the conclusion that Origin is checking users' computers for any EA-related files and adding them automatically. Origin is not informing users about what it is doing on any of these computers either.

"Origin automatically scrapes file names to find known games and add them," noted one forum poster. Others point out that, because EA requires players to provide an email when they install and run a new game, chances are they are also using that information to migrate these titles to Origin.

Remember when people were complaining that Origin would snoop around on your computer? Well this is exactly what they were talking about. Even if you consider this kind of activity harmless, EA should at least inform players about what is going on.

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Re: Report: Origin Auto-Adding Installed EA Games

Their shoddy terms of service already provide them with liberal amounts of personal information off your computer, is this really that surprising?

Re: Report: Origin Auto-Adding Installed EA Games

Shit, now I want to uninstall Crysis. I purchased it on Steam. I do NOT want Origin fucking up my computer.

Re: Report: Origin Auto-Adding Installed EA Games

Re: Report: Origin Auto-Adding Installed EA Games

Thanks for reporting this. :)

I'm so mad at EA for doing this... no one has a right to datamine pc's/laptops without asking the owner. And to not giving a warning and an opt-out makes this even worse.

Re: Report: Origin Auto-Adding Installed EA Games

You want an opt-out for having more access to your own games?

That anyone would have a problem with this is completely asinine.

--- With the first link, the chain is forged.

Re: Report: Origin Auto-Adding Installed EA Games

The problem is not that they're doing this. It's that they're doing this and not even telling you about it.

EA does not have a sterling reputation about respecting its users, so when they do shady shit like this, it makes you wonder what else Origin is doing without telling you.

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