Starbreeze Sends Secret Special Message to Syndicate Pirates

Starbreeze hid an interesting easter egg within the disc for the PC version of Syndicate: a piracy style text file called "Syndicate-SBZ.nfo." The file, stylized after the calling cards pirates leave in cracked versions of software, offers some silly instructions on how to crack the game, followed by a more serious appeal to those pirating and cracking games: "Come work for us."

"Are you bored with watching from the sidelines? Ready to make the switch?" the file reads. "Do you have considerable talents in any of the following areas? Art, modeling, texturing, sound design. Programming. Game design?"

"If you meet one or more of those criteria, and want to be a part of the fun, email us at jobs @ today!"

It's not an uncommon occurrence to see a hacker or serial cracker switch sides and join the legitimate world of software development. TorrentFreak claims that one man, who once went by the pseudonym SS Captain as a member of the 1990's cracking group Katharsis, went on to work for a major European game development studio. His name? Marcin Iwinski, CEO of CD Projekt.

Source and Image Credit: TorrentFreak

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