8-Bit Funding Under New Management

Indie game crowd-funding website 8-Bit Funding returns under new management. The site has been taken over by the people behind popular indie game site DIY Gamer and Indie Game Mag. The site was launched in early 2011 as a small-scale and more tightly focused alternative to other crowd-funding websites such as Kickstarter. In early February the management team behind The Indie Game Magazine purchased the site.

"8-Bit Funding is an excellent game focused funding platform that we believe never got the attention from game fans and developers that it deserved. We look forward to resurrecting the site and creating excitement about amazing new indie games," said Mike Gnade, owner of the Indie Game Magazine. Going forward, Indie Games Magazine and DIY Gamer will put extra effort to promote the "best game campaigns" submitted to the site.

8-Bit Funding was started and founded by Geoff Gibson, founder of DIYGamer.com. The goal of the site has always been to help indie game developers around the world fund their projects, appealing directly to gamers. For more information, check out 8bitfunding.com.

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