Raspberry Pi Model B Pre-Orders Sell out in Hours

February 29, 2012 -

If you were looking to get your hands on a Raspberry Pi on launch day, you are out of luck. Within hours of announcing that the Model B version of the credit card-sized computers was available for pre-order, it sold out. The Raspberry Pi Foundation chose two UK resellers - Premier Farnell and RS Components - who have closed pre-orders in favor of taking your email so it can inform you when more are in stock,

Similar to the One Laptop Per Child project, the goal of this cheap computer initiative is to get cost effective computing products into the hands of children around the world. Right now the demand seems to be coming from enthusiasts and not schools in poor communities - though the evidence on who bought up the first pre-order batch is purely anecdotal.

The first Raspberry Pi computer (Model B) costs just $35 and is about the size of a credit card. The Model B features a Broadcom 700-MHz ARM11 processor, 256MB of RAM, an Ethernet port, an HDMI port, a USB 2.0 port, a 3.5mm audio jack, and is capable of running the Linux operating system from an SD card. The systems can handle 1080p HD video and is capable of running Quake 3 Arena.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation also noted that its web site is getting hammered with traffic today, for obvious reasons.

Raspberry Pi was conceived by Frontier Developments founder and game programmer David Braben and engineer Eben Upton. The Model A will go into production "in a few weeks," but good luck on getting your hands on one in its first run. Hopefully once the initial pre-order pushes are out of the way, the tiny little computer will prove to be easier to obtain.

Source: raspberrypi.org


Re: Raspberry Pi Model B Pre-Orders Sell out in Hours

I don't see how anybody got one at all.  One site was KOed immediately upon the announcement, and the other hasn't sold a thing yet.  All they had from the beginning was a form to sign up to "express interest".  I was pretty stoked for the RPi, but the way the launch was handled has me pretty cheesed off.  I'm just going to wait until the distributors get their stuff in order, and maybe actually list some prices for these bundles they're offering.

Re: Raspberry Pi Model B Pre-Orders Sell out in Hours

I'm not surprised.  This is what happens when there is too much user-generated viral PR behind an initial release.

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