Report: Hydrophobia Developer to Enter Administration

According to Eurogamer, Hydrophobia developer Dark Energy Digital will enter into administration. Citing an anonymous source – a former employee who claims to represent 18 other employees – Eurogamer reports that the company is in bad shape and a majority of the staff has not been paid in nearly three months. Dark Energy Digital, run by husband and wife Pete and Deborah Jones, released Hydrophobia on Xbox Live. The game was heavily panned. Promising to right the wrongs that gamers strongly pointed out, an updated version of the game was developed and eventually released on PC and PlayStation Network in 2011. It also failed to impress critics and gamers.

Since that time the company has been off the radar. Until now.

"I believe that if this information is publicly known then it will help all those that are owed money to make a timely claim with the administrator before it can be fast tracked using a prepack administration," the anonymous source told Eurogamer.

"We believe DED will close down," the source added. "The failure of Hydrophobia is probably key to the financial troubles of the company. I believe the company has considerable debt and investors were put off by this debt."

The source goes on to say that the company's latest project, a licensed pool game, has already been transferred to a new company called Dark Energy Publishing.

An update to the story disputes the claims of the original source:

"Several Dark Energy Digital employees have contacted Eurogamer to stress that the source quoted in the original story does not in fact represent the opinions of current employees."

Source: Eurogamer

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