AT&T Changes Throttling Policy Amid Customer Complaints

If you are an AT&T mobile customer with an unlimited data plan, then you know the painful truth about throttling. AT&T has been throttling – or slowing down – customers who have an unlimited plan and have hit a certain milestone amount of data usage. Customers using as little as 2 – 3 GB have had their connections slowed down to a point they considered unusable despite what AT&T has claimed.

The good news is that AT&T said today users with unlimited HSPA+ plans will have to reach 3GB of data, while 4G LTE unlimited plans will have to hit 5GB of data usage before they'll experience the joys of having their connections throttled. These changes came about because of strong pushback from angry customers.

Before AT&T updated its throttling policy, customers complained that throttled download speeds were often unusable.

While this is good news for unlimited customers, it's just another reason why the FCC should have put more restrictions on mobile carriers when it introduced its net neutrality rules. Because the agency didn't users with unlimited plans are stuck with some pretty horrible restrictions.

Source: TechRadar, Image Credit: Shutterstock

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    ecco6t9 says:

    Isn't this the same as the electric company coming out to your house and giving you just enough energy to run the fridge, a light bulb, and the microwave.

    But they will not give you he wattage to use the stove,the tv, or charge your phone, cause you use too much energy.

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    MechaTama31 says:

    Throttled is still limited.  They are advertising "unlimited" access and high-speed data, and when you cross a certain threshold, let's call it a "limit" of sorts, you no longer have the high speed access they sold you.  I call that a flat out lie, but even if you torture the definitions of a few words, it's still intentionally misleading and deceptive.  If that's not a fraudulent business practice, then what the hell is?

  3. 0
    nighstalker160 says:

    They aren't allowed to bill capped services as unlimited. But throttled plans CAN be called unlimited because they aren't limiting the AMOUNT of data you can download. Only the speed at which you can download.

    It's still crappy obviously but not technically a lie. The whole data industry is royally messed up though and it's rapidly causing the U.S. to fall even further back in technology development. Forget "losing our edge" we lost our edge YEARS ago, now we're just hoping to keep up.

  4. 0
    MechaTama31 says:

    I still don't see how these companies are allowed to bill their throttled, capped, or otherwise LIMITED services as "unlimited".  How is that not fraud?

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