GDC Play Makes its Debut Next Week

GDC kicks off next week in San Diego, and this year it will host an all-inclusive venue for developers of all stripes to show off their latest work to all GDC pass holders. Exhibitors include BitFlip Games, City of Steam, Current Circus, Defiant Development, Hibernum Creations, Lokisplanet Inc., LunarG, Mojocat Games, Monochrome LLC, Pantera Entertainment, SampleSumo, Simple Machine, Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, Techtonic Games, Inc., The Binary Mill, Trickstar Games, Universally Speaking, XGen Studios and many more. They'll be showcasing a variety of games including indies, experimental game projects, and well polished fare. The GDC Play showcase takes place March 6-8 in the GDC Ballroom, South Hall Moscone, and is open to all pass holders. For a full tally of exhibitors check out this list.

Also of interest to those that will be at the show and have some free time on their hands is the GDC Play History Exhibit. GDC Play is hosting a special 'History of 3D Games' exhibit with the help of the Bay Area-based Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment. Systems and games will be available that you can play including the Vectrex, 3DO, Atari 5200, Saturn, and Virtual Boy, and games such as Alone in the Dark, Ultima Underworld, Wolfenstein 3D, and Quake. Pretty cool.

GDC Play Days run March 6-8 at Moscone Convention Center's Esplanade Ballroom. Find out more about it here.

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