Last Call: Nubuwo Debut Bundle Kickstarter Needs You

Game audio news web site NUBUWO is making a last minute appeal for help it reach its final funding goal of $12,000 before 2:00 am ET. Their appeal is called "Nubuwo Debut Bundle: adventures in videogame audio." The Kickstarter campaign hopes to raise enough money to improve Nobuooo's news gathering operations on its new English and Japanese language sites ( and Nubuwo-Japan), and to make possible future multimedia projects like their Videogame Music in Context interview series and Hydorah Original & Arranged Tracks album.

They are also working with a number of notable artists to put together the Nubuwo Debut Bundle, a collection of music tracks from various indie game artists and games. Backers will be the first to enjoy three preview music tracks from THE BINDING OF ISAAC: THE WRATH OF THE LAMB by Danny Baranowsky, and two preview tracks from CLAIRVOYANCE, the upcoming game by Kometen creators Erik Svedäng and the mysterious El Huervo.

Right now they have $9,380 in funding with less than 9 hours to go. They need to hit $12,000 or their project will not get funded.

NUBUWO is the brainchild of Jeriaska Aksairej, videogame music news and editor for and a regular contributor to Gamasutra since 2008.

For more details on the campaign, check out their Kickstarter appeal. There are a lot more details on all the music collections they plan to put together if they can raise the required amount of cash.

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