Speed Boost for Virgin Media Customers in the UK

Normally when we write about a broadband service provider it's usually to report some horrendous thing they are doing to their customers like throttling their connections or charging them extra for data usage. 

But it turns out that this is actually a positive story about something Virgin Media is doing in the United Kingdom. Virgin Media will soon roll out a speed upgrade for customers in 30 towns and cities across the UK. The upgrade, which was announced in January, will boost 10Mb/sec packages to 20Mb/sec; 20 and 30Mb/sec to 60Mb/sec; and 50Mb/sec to 100Mb/sec. Those customers already on a 100Mb/sec package will be bumped to 120Mb/sec but will have to pay less for the extra speed.

According to PCR, the first towns to see the upgrade will be Newcastle, Ashford, Ipswich, Dundee, Belfast and Cambridge. Customers in other areas will be upgraded automatically as the changes are rolled out over the next 18 months.

Virgin Media broadband boss Jon James told PCR said that the company was "committed to providing our customers the best broadband in the UK."

The first wave of upgrades will affect an estimated 1.5 million homes. Eventually, the company hopes to turbo-charge the broadband speeds of over 4 million customers.

Source: PCR

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