Report: Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Already on Disc

Update: Capcom issued the following statement to MCV concerning the locked DLC content found on the retail disc for Street Fighter X Tekken (thanks Andrew Eisen):

"The character information and files were intentionally included on retail versions of the PS3 and Xbox 360 game to save hard drive space and to ensure for a smooth transition when the DLC is available, allowing players who choose not to purchase the content the ability to play against players that did," a Capcom spokesperson told MCV.

"More specifics regarding pricing, dates and other additional exciting DLC plans for Street Fighter X Tekken will be shared at a later date. As a reminder, the retail version of the game will be the only disc-based version consumers will need to own and all future upgrades will come from post-launch DLC."

Naturally this explanation does not sit well with customers who feel like Capcom is simply charging them extra for something they already paid for – because it already resides in the game.

Original Story: According to a report on Xbox360Achievements, 12 characters due to be released as downloadable content for Street Fighter X Tekken (part of the cast of characters available for the PS Vita version) are already residing on the PS3 and Xbox 360 retail discs. This is similar to a move made by 2K Games with Bioshock 2, which also had DLC hiding on the retail discs.

The news comes from a YouTube user (SoulReaperTTG) who managed to create a series of videos showing off various characters. Videos reportedly show off characters on disc such as Elena, Guy, Cody, Bryan Fury, Lei Wulong, Ailsa Bosconovitch, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Blanka, Dudley, Sakura, Lars Alexandersson, Christie Monteiro and Jack.

Capcom has not announced pricing and dates for the DLC.

Source: Xbox360Achievements

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    DorkmasterFlek says:

    Check the size of the download.  It should be displayed along with the price when you can change the payment method, etc.  If the download is like 100Kb or something in that range, it's just an unlock code for stuff already on the disc.  The only exception to this I've ever seen, where the content is actually literally that small, is the pro guitar/bass upgrades for Rock Band DLC songs.  You need the initial song download for it to work, which contains all the audio tracks, other charts and actual song metadata.  The pro guitar addon is actually a hidden download that you can only access from the music store if you have the song in your library already, precisely so you can't accidentally download it when you don't have the song.  In this case, the file is just the pro guitar/bass charts, and so it's only a 100Kb MIDI file.

    This though, this is absolute 100% pure fucking bullshit.  If it's new characters or new stages, there is no way in hell it should be that small.  I understand that the disc part needs to be finalized ahead of time, and as such, it's entirely possible to have DLC ready for day one but it was too late to actually get it on the disc.  It still feels shitty, but it's a hell of a lot more justifiable than this fuckery.  There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for DLC content being on the disc.  It's pure nickel and diming asshatery on the part of the publisher, and we shouldn't be standing for it.

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    Bill says:

    Yeah, I noticed this when I bought DLC for Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3.  After I clicked the Buy button almost immediately it said download complete.  It ticks me off when they do that but I have no way of knowing if I am buying what is on the disc already until I pay for it.  I don't mind buying extra that is added after the fact.  Something they put more time and money into.  I do not like paying to unlock content that is already present on the disc just so they can squeeze extra cash out of me.

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    MaskedPixelante says:

    It's my understanding that these videos are coming from pre-release copies. Let's wait for the actual release before we jump to conclusions.

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