French Government Backs ‘Le Game’

France's video game trade association Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo announced at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this morning a new brand to promote French video game creativity. The brand, "Le Game," is backed by the trade group and the French government, and has the backing of Game Connection USA. So what is Le Game all about, you wonder? Their official motto sums it up nicely: "Uncompromising Creativity from France." Le Game seeks to raise awareness and foster "trade opportunities" for French game developers and publishers on the global video game industry stage.

The group says that the French video game industry has established its creativity with games such as Rayman, Prince of Persia, Dofus, and Heavy Rain – but these talented individuals and studios operated independently. With the help of Le Game, French game developers and companies will be enabled to "foster a common and global communication plan to highlight the creativity and the diversity of France's developers."

"Today’s videogame industry competes on a global scale, and Le Game will allow France to structure its message of uncompromising creativity, quality and talent," said Nicolas Gaume, Chairman of the SNJV, who initiated this project. “All around the nation, this represents a major step forward for our industry.”

Le Game was launched at the French Ministry of the Economy in Paris on Friday with the support and the backing of the French government, represented during the launch by multiple Ministers and government agencies including Ubifrance.

The first in a series of events to promote the French videogame industry will take place at Game Connection USA during the 2012 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California this week.

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