Mac v. PC: Who Has the Coolest Demographic

Taken with a grain of salt and small amount of indifference, a study from data-driven review site Bundle that found that Mac users were cooler than PC users is kind of amusing. Their conclusion, based on an analysis of the spending habits of 700,000 PC and Mac buyers, is that Mac users were more "fashion-forward" and "style-conscious" than PC users.

Bundle examined which stores computer users tend to favor and found that PC users preferred store like Old Navy, Van Heusen outlet and Columbia Sportswear. Mac Users shopped at stores such as Jimmy Choo, Coach, and Last Call by Neiman Marcus. Bundle also found that 40 percent of Mac users that they examined earned more than $100,000, while only 29 percent of PC users earned as much. Mac users were also younger than most PC users.

Huffington Post has an Infographic here showing all the places PC and Mac owners prefer to shop.


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