Anonymous ‘News Source’ Offers Comfort to Group in Wake of FBI Arrests

A Twitter account that serves as the "news source" of the hacking group Anonymous vows revenge against the FBI for six arrests it made of LulzSec and Anonymous members announced yesterday and offers tips on how to strike back. @YourAnonNews also encouraged members in the group, telling them not to be discouraged that top members had turned FBI informants.

Yesterday Fox News reported the arrests, with the FBI later issuing a press release announcing the particulars. The Fox News story quoted an FBI official who characterized the operations against the group(s) in the US and UK as "chopping off the head" of the organization.

An indictment that was unsealed this morning accuses LulzSec and Anonymous members of a "deliberate campaign of online destruction, intimidation and criminality." It listed attacks against various governments and businesses that led to data theft, loss of data, and the exposure of people’s personal information online (called doxing).

This morning @YourAnonNews tweeted "Love all, trust few, do harm to none." Later in the day it proposed a "black fax" operation against the FBI and provided a link and a phone number. Black fax operations are pranks that tie up fax machines and drain them of toner. The Twitter account also warned of another unnamed informant that may be working with the FBI described in the indictment.

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