China: Two Murdered Over Fake iPhone

A horrible story out of China details a double murder that happened after a man found out he’d been sold a counterfeit iPhone. A man in the Zhenzhou, Henan province of north-central China spent $330 on a device that he thought was an Apple iPhone. Later he realized that the phone was a fake and was furious. The man, identified in news reports only as "Feng," was out for blood. He came across a gang of men trying to sell the same fake phone to a young boy. At this point he apparently lost all sense of self control and pulled out a knife. The gang reportedly scattered and got away from the man. But Feng was not done with the men; a days later few he encountered them again, and this time he managed to stab two of them.

"Feng came across the same gang and, it is alleged, a scuffle broke out, during which he stabbed one of the crooks in the chest and severed a major artery in the right leg of another," The Register reports. "The second victim died a day later due to excessive blood loss." The murders were captured by a street camera.

When the iPhone 4S was released in China in January, the demand for it was so high that police had to be called in for crowd control because of the high demand. Would-be customers were so crazed that they pelted the Apple Store with eggs when the device sold out. Obviously the supply didn't meet the demand. It's at these moments that crooks prey on those who have a strong desire to buy a product at just about any cause. Obviously Feng was one of those people. What the con men couldn't have known is that Feng was also very unstable.

What happens to him now is uncertain, but at the very least he'll spend the rest of his life in prison. It's a sad story because two men have died and one will man will spend the rest of his life in prison (or face a death sentence) over $330.

Source: BetaBeat

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