Family Groups Mount Email Campaign Against BioWare for SWTOR Same-Sex Relationships

People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch (a left-wing publication that assails religious and right-wing groups and individuals) reports that the Florida Family Association (a right-wing faith-based family advocacy group that champions "family values") and the American Decency Association (a faith-based organization with pretty much the same mission statement) are calling on its members to assail BioWare for including gay and lesbian relationships in Star Wars: The Old Republic. 

No doubt these campaigns were spurred by Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, who in January publicly slammed the EA studio for exposing children to what he considered pro-gay "propaganda."

The Florida Family Association is calling on its members to send BioWare the following form letter:

Subject: Disappointed in plans to add LGBT characters to Star Wars video games and censorship of opposing view points on threads.

Message: My family and I were disappointed to learn that BioWare and Electronic Arts plan to add LGBT content to Star Wars video games.

American families grew up with the Star Wars film series that was family fare. The films contained no profanity, no nudity and no sexual situations.

It makes no sense that BioWare and Electronic Arts would shatter that family quality in Star Wars video games just to pacify 35 LGBT polling participants and appease extremists.

Star Wars video games are for children. An overwhelming percentage of the 1.7 million games sold are being used by children who do not need to be exposed to this propaganda. Please stick to your policy to avoid such advocacy representations in your games.

Please tell us that it is not too late to stop this from impacting our children.

I look forward to sharing your response with family and friends.

Thank you.

The American Decency Association is also offering a form letter aimed at BioWare asking them to keep the game "family friendly." It's basically the same letter with a few tweaks here and there and a different title: "Keep Star Wars family friendly."

I am not sure what a "Radical Homosexual Extremist" is, but I’m pretty sure that there are better ways to keep children from playing games like Star Wars: The Old Republic, regardless of who is "hooking up" in the game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is rated "Teen" by the ESRB, so if your young children are playing it, chances are that you may be doing a bad job at parenting.

Since it's an MMO it requires an online connection so any parent smart enough to own a computer has plenty of options to keep their children offline if they so choose. We recommend or similar software. We do not recommend spamming BioWare because the tactic that gets TV shows cancelled won't work in this industry.

Thanks to PHX Corp for the tip.

Source: Right Wing Watch

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  1. GodBeastX says:

    Luke kissed his sister, just remember that 😉

    If people want to play gay characters, who cares? Choice is a fun thing! Even if I personally had a problem with it (Which I don't), If parents don't monitor their kids actions in games, there's worse tragedies in store for those families.

    And what's the goal of this? Will people suddenly NOT be homosexual because it's not in the media?

    People have too much time on their hands…

  2. faefrost says:

    Look carefully? The recently released "childrens book" The Star Wars Character Encyclopedia has a full on still photo of the goodies in question in it. surpriseblushcheekydevilyes

    And I am going to guess that these groups have never actually watched the "Clone Wars" animated series running on Cartoon Network. (It's great btw) I mean it's like Saving Private Ryan in space. Clone heads flying everywhere. And as far as sex… Let's just say it will come as no surprise when a large number of young men grow up to have weird fetishes involving bald curvy blue women with gross cranial deformities. (We will not speak of the large boobied snugly clad Jedi nun types either. ) 

    It's not like the Star Wars universe is a sexless place.

    With that said, I must admit I am one of the old school type gamers that finds ALL of Biowares insistence on being able to "romance" the NPC's, be it hetero or homosexual in their games as just creepy awkward unnecessary and stupid. It's like they keep insisting on sticking pornographic fan fiction into the actual games, and it really doesn't work.


  3. Dan says:

    And Luke battling Palpatine's bareass naked clone. That was a fun bit. Especially with the oddly colored inking in the Dark Empire arc.



    Also, I bet folks would object to Xixor getting it on with Guri.

  4. Kajex says:

    The films contained no profanity, no nudity and no sexual situations.

    It did have Leia in a sexy slave outfit, a nipple slip in one of her scenes, and her having a hot kiss with her brother.

    Meanwhile, in the Expanded Universe, we saw Juhani (debatable), then later a gay married couple.

    Who were Mandalorians- the badass space vikings of Star Wars.

    But it's okay. TOR has a strict policy about banning anyone under the age of 13, or those who say they are, because it's against their Terms of Service.

    Even when given the CHOICE to pursue either, which entails either getting into it or leaving it the fuck alone, they attempt to force a THIRD option which entails removing it out of sight. The moment they tell a gay man or women that they need to be removed from the public's sight, they damn well better place their bets on everyone else telling them to deal with it.

  5. Erik says:

     But the point I was making is there quite likely isn't any butt stuffing.  So I'm trying to figure out what their point is.

  6. hellfire7885 says:

    Well, in their minds beheadings and genocide are ok, so long as there isn't any butt stuffing.

  7. Erik says:

    How is someone being gay up there with profanity, nudity, and sexual situations?  Yeah, I mean I would be behind them (heh) 100% if there was butt pounding gay sex going on.  I'm not 100% tolerant.  But really just the presence of a gay man is really no different than the presence of a mail man.  Not lewd in and of its self.

  8. Neeneko says:

    See, now there you go.  Now we know why you are a sociopathic video gaming cop killing child raping adult.  Your subconious mind obviously saw boobies when you were a child watching the movie and since you couldn't understand what nipples were it turned you into the monster you are today.

    Nipples are serious business.. they destroy lives if they are on women!

  9. eston says:

    Stars Wars games are for children? Really?

    I mean…..really?

    Also, fun fact: the scene where the Twi'lek slave girl is dropped into the Rancor pit in ROTJ has partial nudity. You can clearly see her breasts and nipples through her mesh top. I never noticed this as a kid. I did notice it as an adult smiley

  10. Neeneko says:

    It is not just the US, western world, or Christianity.  You get this same basic pattern pretty much everywhere regardless of whatever the dominant local religion is.  Even ones we consider 'nice' in the us like Buddhism start pulling stuff like this in countries where they are powerful.

  11. kagirinai says:

    The States — and by extension, much of the western world — is plagued by these kinds of groups. They're virtually always Christian (though I'm sure there are some exceptions); they've learned that a lot of people don't agree with their religiously derived viewpoints; and to combat that, they "euphemize" their opinions to try to make them more secularly palletable.

    We see them again and again, peddling "Family Values" (and "Traditional Marriage"), "Intelligent Design", and more, as though it were a rational point of view. And every time, they claim that it's not a religious stance, but they can never back up their reasoning without resorting to religious reasoning.

    It's incredibly frustrating, because I respect their right to think homosexuality is wrong, or that science is the enemy, or to scream and struggle and thrash against the progress of the modern age, but I cannot abide them enforcing their faith on the rest of us. Your religious convictions are yours alone; keep them to yourself — and stop lying about the origins of your rhetoric, you're just making it more difficult for the rest of us to get on with our lives.

  12. MJimiD says:

    I guess the first act of Return wasn't included in their viewing experiences. And I guess they don't realize that the same guy made Howard The Duck. I further guess that they aren't aware that simply because the subject matter of the films was a bit more "innocent", they same must necessarily be held true for games–Especially games wherein people would like to tailor their characters to their own personalities. You know, not like in movies, where the viewer just WATCHES a story that's being shown TO them and where they can't PLAY as a character made BY them

  13. GrimCW says:

    but but, having those choices are an immoral bane on society! people could turn homosexual over it!! isn't it bad enough that bugs bunny promoted transgenderism!!

    ….tbh  i'll never understand the concept behind any of those claims.


  14. Attack_Gypsy says:

    EA and BioWare has always said the romance storylines are OPTIONAL. As in you don't have to do them if you don't want to…


    Let these morons go back to trying to censor rap records or something…

  15. Craig R. says:

    If only groups like the American Decency Association had the decency to stop pushing their desire for censorship on the rest of us and go away.

  16. hellfire7885 says:

    Well, there is a much more cost effective form of protest that none of these people seem to grasp.


    It's called VIEWER discretion advised, not "bitch until they make it the way I want it"

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