Infographic: How Patents Hinder Innovation

March 7, 2012 -

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has posted an infographic showing how patents hinder innovation, limit competition and stop people from gaining access to knowledge and tools to further ideas. Of course, a great majority of the problems with patents have to do with patent trolls - companies that buy up patents for the sole purpose of conducting large scale litigation against companies to make a quick buck. It doesn't help that the overwhelmed and underfunded US Patent Office hands out questionable patents every day either.

Check out the infographic below, then see what you can do to help stop patent abuse by visiting the EFF's Patent Fail Campaign.

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Re: Infographic: How Patents Hinder Innovation

The system for getting your idea a patent looks like the matter of big shots. How do you expect a genius who has a good idea but not the money to get it patent. Either his idea is stolen or he himself won't disclose it. Something must be done about the patent system.


Ryan Cardozo- moleremoval

Re: Infographic: How Patents Hinder Innovation

At first I read the headline as "How Parents Hinder Innovation". I was ready to jump in and say that yes parents do hinder innovation. The shear number of times they would not let me do something because I might get injured or die was frustrating. How can you innovate if you can't take risks?

Re: Infographic: How Patents Hinder Innovation

You find someone gullible to take the risks for you, of course.

Re: Infographic: How Patents Hinder Innovation

That's why God invented younger siblings...



sadly i was the youngest :(


Chris Kimberley

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