Homeless Man Crashes GDC Lollipop Chainsaw Press Event

A homeless man managed to slip into the Warner Bros. Lollipop Chainsaw press party in a San Francisco night club last night. According to an unnamed source speaking to Computer and Video Games, the homeless man managed to slip into the event with a gaggle of journalists who were there to interview Lollipop Chainsaw and No More Heroes creator Suda 51.

"Suda was conducting interviews with press for most of the night," said the unnamed source. "Later on in the evening a journalist from Edge arrived for what he thought was an exclusive one-on-one interview, but a second man checked in with him."

"There were plenty of drinks flowing at the event so nobody took much notice that this second 'journalist' was heavily soaked in beer. Warner thought the guy was with Suda's people and the journalist seemed to assume he was with Warner."

"He managed about 10 minutes seated with Suda, mostly stroking his chin and nodding his head," the source added.

"Eventually it became quite clear he wasn't a journalist – he was in fact a homeless guy that managed to blag himself all the way to the interview. PR staff quietly ushered him away and Suda seemed pretty speechless about it."

This marks the first time in the history of GDC that a homeless person has conducted an interview with Suda 51. We wish we knew his name so we could give him a couple of bucks for his courage.

Source: C&VG

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