Sony: 10.5 Million Move Controllers Shipped

March 8, 2012 -

Sony says that, to-date, it has managed to "move" 10.5 million units of its Move peripheral for the PlayStation 3. The figure was revealed by Sony developer support engineer Gabe Ahn after a Game Developers Conference panel on developing games for the company's motion sensing controller. That figure represent "units shipped to retailers" and not "units sold." Further, Ahn says that the Move attach rate is one for every six PlayStation consoles sold as of December 31, 2011. Further muddling those numbers, it also includes Move and Navigation controllers.

By contrast, Microsoft reported in January that it had managed to ship over 8 million Kinect systems to retail. We don't know what their current "shipped" numbers are at the time of this writing.

You can read the IGN report, where this story finds its origins, here.



Re: Sony: 10.5 Million Move Controllers Shipped

Shipped huh. How many have sold?

Re: Sony: 10.5 Million Move Controllers Shipped

You also have to factor in the number of Move controllers per console.  Since each person needs a Move controller typically you wouldn't just have one per console.  So even if the 10 million were sold there would probably only be 5 million PS3's with Move capabilities and 5 million potential copies of whatever Move software to sell.

Re: Sony: 10.5 Million Move Controllers Shipped

Another successful Sony venture of hopping on the bandwagon Nintendo made, after mocking them for it for years.

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Re: Sony: 10.5 Million Move Controllers Shipped

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