The Daily Caller: EA Denies Herman Cain Inspiration for New SimCity Title

March 9, 2012 -

An odd story on the conservative political news site The Daily Caller corners EA at GDC to ask them about the new SimCity game  and if it was inspired by the recent publicity related to former presidential candidate Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan. EA announced this week that they would release a new game in the city-building game series in 2013. You may recall earlier in the election cycle that EA made fun of the fact that Herman Cain allegedly borrowed his tax plan from SimCity's default tax rates.

The Daily Caller (which is operated by former CNN Crossfire co-host Tucker Carlson) said that EA told them that the new game was not inspired by the popularity of former GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain’s signature 9-9-9 tax proposal and that the game was in development long before they even knew who Herman Cain was or about his tax plan.

"The new SimCity game coming out in 2013 and just announced at GDC [Game Developers Conference] is a city-building game for the PC and these products take several years to develop due to their complex simulation engines," an EA representative told TheDC.

"The SimCity team was well into this development process by the time Herman Cain announced his ’9-9-9′ campaign and while we did have fun participating in a national dialogue about the origin of his tax plan, we were definitely already working on this highly anticipated video game well before his announcement," said the spokesman.

EA added that it is not a company that gets involved in politics. The spokesman did say that the whole Herman Cain-SimCity connection did show them that fans were ready for a new game in the series:

"The popularity of the SimCity/9-9-9 story did assure us that consumers want another SimCity game and it remains a very powerful brand in the world of video games and in pop culture," said the spokesman.

The new SimCity title will be released sometime in 2013.

Source: The Daily Caller


Re: The Daily Caller: EA Denies Herman Cain Inspiration for ...

I'm sorry Mr. Carlson, but Jon Stewart destroyed you so utterly and thoroughly that now I simply can't take seriously anything you say or do.  Just seeing your name is enough to make me chuckle as I remember your feeble attempts to verbally spar with Stewart.  True story.

Re: The Daily Caller: EA Denies Herman Cain Inspiration for ...

I'm confused as to why anybody would think a new Simcity game has anything to do with a failed run for presidential candidacy.

Re: The Daily Caller: EA Denies Herman Cain Inspiration for ...

Seriously. If anything, I'd expect to see him make a cameo appearance in the next Pokemon title.

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