IndieGala Reveals the GalaFund

IndieGala, who is best known for two bundles featuring a variety of indie games using a "name your own price" sales model, announced that it has launched "GalaFund." According to the group, the GalaFund will help poor developers realize their dreams:

"GalaFund aims to be the ultimate solution for independent developers with brilliant ideas and empty pockets; a space in which promising teams of developers will be given the chance to bring their games to life. By joining GalaFund, developers will be able to maintain their independence and pursue any mind-blowing project they choose without bending to the requirements of big publishers."

They also announced that they have added a new game to the IndieGala 2 Bundle 2: Running With Scissors' Postal. The game will come with the Special Delivery expansion pack, will be DRM free, and will run on Mac, Linux and Windows-based computers.

For more information on the GalaFund, visit

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