Angry Joe Gets Angry With Capcom over Street Fighter X Tekken

 The Angry Joe show is pretty angry and anyone with basic English skills should note the tone of his show with the use of an adverb as his first name. Still Joe has a lot to be angry about with Street Fighter X Tekken, because, as he notes in his latest video, it's not like Capcom hasn’t faced the outrage of fans over the practice he is ranting and raving about ("DLC" on the disc) in the past…

While some might want to tell Joe to calm down, we think his tone is just about right on a great many things related to Street Fighter X Tekken – including the fact that same console team ups vs. online teams is not allowed on the Xbox 360. Capcom says that this is due to architecture issues, but Joe counters by noting that it's possible on Mortal Kombat. Oops, somebody at Capcom might need to roll that excuse back in favor of something more plausible.

Anyway check out Joe's rant. People that hate DLC on the disc will find themselves agreeing with everything – including Joe's tone. Thanks to MaskedPixelante for the tip.

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