Mojang Settles ‘Scrolls’ Lawsuit with Bethesda

Over the weekend Mojang's Carl Manneh announced on the company's official web site that it had settled its lawsuit with Bethesda Softworks (a wholly owned studio of Zenimax) over use of the word "Scrolls" for its next title. The lawsuit was filed after Mojang filed for a trademark of the term for its next game.

Bethesda argued at the time that there would be brand confusion because of its long-running "Elder Scrolls" series. Apparently a face-to-face with someone during GDC has something to do with it, though the details of what put the lawsuit to bed was not disclosed.

The following message from Carl Manneh was posted on Mojang's official site March 10:


Dear members of the internet,

We have settled the lawsuit over Scrolls and Mojang and Bethesda are friends again.

To answer the big question – yes Scrolls is still going to be called Scrolls.

To answer the second question – we aren’t going to keep the trade mark.

For us this was never about a trade mark but being able to use Scrolls as the name of our game which we can – Yey.

Markus "Notch" Persson also tweeted the news:

"AND!! We've settled with Bethesda! Yaaaay! <3"

Thanks to Andrew Eisen for the tip.

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