Report: Microsoft in Talks with OnLive Over Windows 7 Desktop App

A report on Technet reveals that Microsoft is currently in talks with OnLive concerning its iPad and Android app that allows users to stream certain Microsoft Windows 7-based services such as Office and save their work via cloud-based storage. OnLive launched its Windows desktop app for iPad in January and recently launched an Android version of the app. Both releases offered a free service and a premium service with various perks including more cloud storage space. Recently an analyst from Gartner raised the question of whether or not OnLive's offering was officially licensed from Microsoft. Here's the gist of his concerns:

"Organizations and end users should note that OnLive Desktop Plus may present Microsoft licensing risks for organizations if consumers install the product on company iPads or use it to edit company documents from personal devices. Neither Microsoft nor OnLive has provided clear guidance on how users of these DaaS products must comply with Microsoft licensing requirements."

But Microsoft corporate vice president Joe Matz tells Technet that the company is "actively engaged" with OnLive, to provide the company with proper licenses.

Source: Gamasutra

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