Wikia Beats IGN, GameSpot in Monthly Visitors

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has done something that no other individual or company has been able to do in a long time: surpass the number of monthly visitors gaming sites IGN and GameSpot get. For the first time the for-profit gaming community site Wikia is the number one destination for gamers, beating out the likes of GameSpot and IGN who have dominated the top two spots for years. Wikia had 26 million monthly unique visitors last month.

VentureBeat has an interesting Q&A with the company's CEO Craig Palmer where he explains why Wikia is doing so well against traditional gaming publications. Obviously the secret sauce involves some familiar ingredients borrowed from Wikipedia – the ability of the community to create their own pages and edit them. So far Wikia has over 300,000 wikis generating around 50 million unique visitors a month and around 600 new sites are created every day.

"We’re not a forum or a place for Q&A," said Palmer. "These are communities creating lasting content, like a traditional media company, but without the hierarchy."

Part of their success is who is at the top of the Wikia food chain. Earlier this year Wikia hired top editors from IGN’s gaming and movie portals, Hilary Goldstein and Eric Moro. Their jobs moving forward are to manage hubs that collect the best stuff being built within the Wikia system. The company's hope is that this will also lead to higher end advertising dollars.

"We’re turning up the dial in terms of our strategic relationships and aiming to provide our community with more exclusive and pre-release material. Hilary and Eric can really help us to craft those partnerships," Palmer said.

You can read the whole thing at VentureBeat.

Source: VentureBeat

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