Major League Gaming Rakes in $11.3 Million in Funding

March 13, 2012 -

Professional gaming league Major Gaming League has managed to raise $11.3 million of a $13 million target in funding, according to an SEC filing uncovered by GamesBeat. The filing lists relevant parties (according to GamesBeat): Sundance DiGiovanni, founder; Jarratt Brown; Michael Sepso; Edward Glassmeyer; John Kermath; and Harlan Stone.

The company has not officially announced the news but it doesn't take Albert Einstein to figure out that it will use the cash injection to further expand and fund its video game tournament activities in the United States and abroad.

While there are other pro gaming leagues on the scene, MLG is the most prominent and visible. MLG hosts more than 750,000 matches each month online, and its live face-to-face Pro Circuit tournaments are held in cities across the country. These tournaments are streamed to fans in over 170 countries too.

If you are a pro gamer, your dream is probably to appear on an MLG tournament stage...

Source: GamesBeat


Re: Major League Gaming Rakes in $11.3 Million in Funding

yes, that has been my dream, to bring my Keyboard and Mouse while everyone else brings their controllers, just so I can ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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Re: Major League Gaming Rakes in $11.3 Million in Funding

MLG's biggest event is StarCraft 2 now, so you won't be the only one bringing your mouse and keyboard.  

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