Report: Glitch Causes Xbox Achievements and Gamerscore to Disappear for Some Users

This morning Eurogamer ran a report on a number of users complaining that their Xbox 360 Achievements and Gamerscores were mysteriously being wiped. As you can imagine users were emailing them and other outlets franticly detailing their losses and how they had contacted Xbox Live support.

The problem apparently now has a solution (after two updates to the original story) but we thought you should know how the whole situation came to light in the first place. One user who wrote to Eurogamer explained the situation best:

"Turned on my Xbox this morning and booted Mass Effect 2. Got an Achievement, hit the Guide button to check out what. And then I discovered that my Gamerscore had been reset to zero," wrote Mark (surname withheld by Eurogamer). "I've been subscribed to Live for almost four years, racked up a humble 7000 Gamerpoints over 20-odd titles.”

"All of it was gone," he added, "bar the 15G Achievement I'd just unlocked. All my history of other Achievements in other games had been completely wiped, the whole history."

Mark went on to say that he called Xbox Support who informed him that they were aware of the issue because they were getting a lot of phone calls and emails about it.

"No idea what caused it," Mark closed, "but naturally I'm gutted. And I'd imagine a lot of other people will be too. "

Later in the morning Microsoft suggested that users simply try to sign out and then back into their accounts to fix the problem. This apparently did not solve the problem as they thought it would. A second update to the story said that those affected should delete and recover their profiles. They are pointing those affected by this odd glitch to find out more about doing this by visiting this page.

We still do not know what has caused this odd glitch to happen, but if we hear more we'll update this story.

Source: Eurogamer

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