Stolen PlayStation 3 Connects Suspect to Las Vegas Murder

A man who stole some items of little value and murdered the man that owned them thought he got away with the crime. After allegedly shooting the man in the head, a Las Vegas man named Patrick Wilcock sold some of the items he stole at a local pawn shop. But police say that the one thing that may have uncovered the crime was a stolen PlayStation 3. The suspect stole it, along with some video games and other items not mentioned in the report. But when the serial numbers from the stolen console surfaced at a local pawnshop, the shop owner was able to lead police to the man that sold it to him.

The murder was originally thought to be the result of a fatal fire. That's what fire crews responding to the fire on Del Mar Street on Feb. 25 concluded. But a subsequent autopsy revealed that the victim, James Lacella, had been shot in the head and his body had been decomposing long before the fire ran through his condo.

Police also found out that 42-year-old Patrick Wilcock had taken Lacella's debit card and car keys. Wilcock is currently being held at the Clark County Detention Center on murder and robbery charges. Police have not charged him with arson.

Las Vegas news station KTNV offers a report here.

Source: KTNV

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