Obsidian Missed out on Bonus for Fallout: New Vegas Because of Metacritic Score

Obsidian Entertainment's Chris Avellone revealed yesterday on Twitter that his company didn't get paid bonuses for Fallout: New Vegas because the game was one point shy of the required Metacritic score of 85. Apparently its publishing contract with Bethesda had a clause in it that said they would get a bonus for hitting a Metacritic score of 85, but because the game came in at 84 they didn't receive any extra money. The sad part of all this is that Fallout: New Vegas raked in over $300 million in sales (on five million units sold) for Bethesda by the end of 2010.

Avellone's revelation came in response to a question about Fallout: New Vegas sales:

"@Gahzcan FNV was a straight payment, no royalties, only a bonus if we got an 85+ on Metacritic, which we didn't," said Avellone.

Yesterday it was revealed that Obsidian had let 20 – 30 employees go, scalping back the teams working on the South Park RPG for publisher THQ and an unnamed next-generation game project.

Source: Develop

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