Ubisoft Encouraged Swearing in Shoot Many Robots

What the F@#k? Apparently Ubisoft encouraged developer Demiurge Studios to make their first independent title, Shoot Many Robots, as filthy as possible. According to Demiurge CEO Albert Reed Ubisoft encouraged them to drop as many f-bombs as they liked in the game.

"We realized we were going to be M-rated because of a handful of things," Demiurge CEO Albert Reed told Vox Games. "We use beer for energy, there's some blood and there are some swears in the game. I mean, the Fruit F**ker is a hat in the game."

With the game being targeted for a mature audience, Ubisoft let the development team do pretty much anything it wanted and encouraged them to add as much blue language as they wanted to. In fact, at one point they asked for more.

"The phone call with Ubisoft was ‘So, we're going to get an M-rating, could you put some more swears in the game, please? We don't want to be on the border with the ESRB, we want to be clear. So please, more swears.' It was the weirdest phone call in the world."

Reed seems pleased with the way Ubisoft has handled its first original game.

"This was our first time really making an independent game with nobody looking over our shoulder. And every time we were worried we might have gone too far, Ubisoft would say, you know, ‘Go for it. Whatever you want to do.'"

Shoot Many Robots is available on Xbox Live Arcade right now. You can read the rest of Reed's discussion with Vox Games here.

Source: Vox Games

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