Amazon Appstore Sells “Millions” of Apps

One year after launching its Appstore, Amazon offers around 1,000 games and apps, and that it has sold "millions" of them to Kindle Fire and Android device owners. The company did not give a specific number. While it's a good start, Amazon's App Store is way behind Google's 300,000 apps and 10 billion downloads, and the Apple's 585,000 apps and 25 billion downloads.

Chillingo's Cut The Rope and the ad-free version of Angry Birds were the top paid apps on the Amazon Appstore over the last year. Angry Birds and Netflix were the top free apps on the Appstore.

Top Paid Apps – Last 12 Months
1.Cut the Rope
2.Angry Birds (Ad-Free)
3.Where's My Water?
4.Angry Birds Rio (Ad-Free)
5.Angry Birds Seasons (Ad-Free)
6.Plants vs. Zombies (Kindle Fire Edition)
7.Fruit Ninja
8.SCRABBLE (Kindle Fire Edition)
9.UNO (Kindle Fire Edition)

Top Free Apps – Last 12 Months
1.Angry Birds Free
4.Fruit Ninja Free
5.Angry Birds Seasons Free
6.Bubble Buster
7.Little Piano Free
8.Roller Lite
10.Hangman Free

On a personal note, as a Kindle Fire and iPad owner I can tell you that the selection on Amazon's Appstore is pretty thin and finding new (and decent) apps can be a difficult proposition. Source: Gamasutrra

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