Bioware Open to Discussing New Endings for Mass Effect 3

Have you heard?

Some gamers don’t like Mass Effect 3’s selection of endings and are petitioning Bioware to release new and better ones as DLC.

Bioware director Casey Hudson has said on the company’s forums that his ears are open but he’s waiting until more people have finished the game before talking more about ending stuff.  You know, spoilers and all that.

“We understand there is a lot of debate on the Mass Effect 3 ending and we will be more than happy to engage in healthy discussions once more people get to experience the game. We are listening to all of your feedback.”

In the meantime, Penny Arcade has shared its thoughts on an alternate ending.  Check it out.

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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    Seth Schmitz says:

    Pretty sure it was fixed last weekend on PC. Not sure about consoles. 

    It did urk me a bit on my first playthrough that my guy looked so different. But my second import worked fine last Saturday. 

  2. 0
    Bill says:

    I don't need a new ending.  I just want them to fix the face import bug in ME3 so the face that I have been looking at in the past 2 games is the same in part 3.

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