Notch: Having Steam Dominate PC Market Would be ‘Scary’

Speaking to GameSpy, Minecraft creator and Mojang front man Markus "Notch" Persson said that having Steam as the only source for digital distribution would be "scary," even though he generally support Valve Software's platform. Steam's platform currently has more than 40 million subscribers.

"I think it's a bit dangerous to only have one digital distribution platform like Steam," he said. "I love Valve, but out of principle, I find the idea of one platform a bit scary."

Persson went on to say that competition from platforms like Desura, Origin, and Impulse is good for the market. He did say that some of the things that EA has done with Origin are not so good.

"Origin does a couple things badly compared to Steam, which is impressive since they had eight years to study Steam," he said. "They should definitely have a chance to do their thing, but they might want to move away from titles that make people use it and show people why they should use it."

Origin currently has 11 million registered users, according to EA.

Source: GameSpot

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