Vox Games, Ben Kuchera Motivated Gerstmann to Make Giant Bomb Deal

Yesterday Giant Bomb and GameSpot announced that they were getting the band back together, in a manner of speaking. While the deal might have seemed like a spur of the moment deal that happened over night Giant Bomb Editor-in-chief Jeff Gerstmann had been talking with GameSpot for quite awhile about it.

After a live-stream event last night explaining the Giant Bomb acquisition to the public, CBS Interactive VP of Games Programming John Davison and Giant Bomb Editor-in-chief Jeff Gerstmann sat down for an interview with Games Industry International.

While the interview spent a great deal of time talking about the acquisition and the changes in games journalism, one of the most interesting things talked about was what motivated Gerstmann to seal the deal. It turns out that a number of moves – like Ben Kuchera leaving Ars Technica to go to Penny Arcade and various journalists (Brian Crecente, Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy, etc.) leaving their respective haunts to form Vox Games at The Verge – was enough for Gerstmann to pull the trigger:

Q: It really feels like the plot of a movie, where the ousted employee returns years later, Steve Jobs-like, to take control of the company and bring it to greatness… no wait, that's not quite right…

Jeff Gerstmann: No, no, you got it right, take over the company, you got it. (Laughter) It is, quite literally, the craziest… Back in '07, when I got fired, I've always described it as the craziest thing that ever happened to me; this is a very close second. It's something we kind of joked about back in early 2008: "You know, you realize we're just going to build the site and sell it back to those guys?" "Ah, that'll never happen!" And here we are.

I think deep down we saw some of the other moves that were being made, with all the Joystiq guys leaving to form that crew at Vox, and everyone went "Ooh, that's crazy!" Then Ben Kuchera went and started the Penny Arcade thing and I went "Oh, man, that's insane!" But all along we were sitting there going "We have something way crazier than that!" Just biting our tongues, going "Oh, man, they don't even know, this is going to be the most insane story of the year." So I'm throwing down the gauntlet, and I'd like to see someone top this. I don't think it gets any weirder and cooler than this.

Source: GameIndustry International

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