Capcom Says it is Aware of Hacked Street Fighter x Tekken DLC Characters Being Played on Xbox Live

According to this C&VG report, Capcom is aware of hacks being used to play unreleased Street Fighter x Tekken DLC content on Xbox Live, and will do something about it. At first Capcom's senior VP of strategic planning and business development Christian Svensson said that it was working with Microsoft to deal with these problems in this Capcom Unity thread (the link was not operational at the time of this writing), but later said that Capcom would get those engaging in this type of behavior on its own.

"Yes, we're seeing news of this," said Svensson in response to user inquiries about it. "Quite ballsy for folks to be taking hacked Xbox 360s on Live where they are detectable."

"In any event, we already have opened channels of communication with Microsoft on these issues Friday night," he continued. "If you can capture screens or video of this in action (as some have already) we're working on bans for boxes and accounts with Microsoft for haxxors."

The thread was left open for awhile to let users tattle on those who might be running a hacked version of the game online, but was later locked. Capcom left a simple message for those inquiring about it further:

"We'll catch them ourselves."

The content in question is a 12 pack of characters that will soon be released as DLC. Fans were upset to find that the DLC was already packed onto the retail disc. The 12 pack of characters will be released soon for 1600 MS Points, or around $20.

Source: C&VG

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    Bill says:

    Fair enough.  After all, you know the old saying "the first guy to start calling names wins the debate" right?…. ahem.  That is how it goes right?

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    eston says:

    I'm basically done talking to you about this, but I would like to point out that I did not call you a spoiled brat until after you started getting unnecessarily indignant about it.


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    Bill says:

    No, you didn't say it wasn't the norm; you said "I'm not aware of any fighting games that used to give you a 50-character roster for free."  All you had to do was scroll up a bit and see this.  So you basically made a new statement which is not the same as your original statement and are now sticking by new statement number 2.  A wise choice actually because your first statement was ridiculous.  I agree that people got what they paid for, and what they paid for gets them less than what they used to get, which was unlockable completed characters for no extra charge.  While Capcom didn't hide that extra characters would be coming as downloadable content, they did lie about having characters on the disc, then changed that to saying they only had partial content on the disc, then changed it again when they were proven to be lying about it.  Now they have shlubs like you backing their BS practices online for them.  If it was no big deal Capcom wouldn't have lied about it over and over again (for proof of this follow the links in the following story ( )  BTW calling people entitled spoiled brats because they don't want to see games stripped of content to be resold as DLC tends to get obnoxious responses.

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    eston says:

    I don't think I demanded any proof, I simply pointed out that that size roster is not the norm and I stick by that statement. I also stick by the statement that people who bought SFxT got exactly what they paid for, and Capcom never tried to hide the fact that these characters would cost extra.

    And if your goal was to be so obnoxious to discuss this with that I finally give up and stop posting, congratulations. My opinion remains the same, both about on-disc DLC and gamer entitlement.

  5. 0
    Bill says:

    Oh, I get it.  You’re the kind who demands proof, and when it is shown to them, then demands more.  Why don't you inform me then, Mr. Not "a fighting games fan", how many more examples would be relevant.  How about Marvel Vs Capcom 2 which had 56 or Fire pro wrestling's 300 or the most recent games in the Tekken series or Naruto which are all pushing their rosters higher and higher without gouging their fans?  From now on I suggest you look this crap up yourself to avoid looking ignorant.  The only one in denial so far has been you.  You even have to lie about what has been said.  No one said DLC existing is a problem (Straw man).  Not me or anyone else that is upset about it has said DLC existing is a problem in and of itself.  The problem is the ABUSE of DLC and the argument is valid.  All we want is to stop the abuse before it becomes the norm.  It's something even you could get behind.  Capcom isn't your buddy.  They don't know your name.  They won't send you a card on your birthday.  It's a company, and you are their customer.  Surely you can agree that DLC Manipulation and Abuse is bad for everybody.

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    eston says:

    Well I said I wasn't aware, and thank you for presenting two exceptions to the rule.

    But that's exactly what they are: exceptions.

    And the current problem with gaming is not that DLC exists, or that they put it on the disc sometimes, its that instead of people making some effort to understand why DLC exists and why the games industry is making necessary changes to its business model, we end up with people like you who just stick their fingers in their ears and act like spoiled brats about it.

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    Bill says:

    Mortal Kombat Armageddon had 63 characters.  You know how much I paid to unlock those fighters?  Nothing. 

    Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 had 161.  You know how much they cost?  Nothing. 

    How much do you know about that which you speak?  Nothing. 

    Thanks for not being part of the solution.  You obviously choose to see only what you want to see. You put a whole lot of effort to defend someone whose johnson you claim not to be on.

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    eston says:

    I'm not aware of any fighting games that used to give you a 50-character roster for free.

    And just because it doesn't cost them additional money to unlock this stuff later on doesn't mean that 12 additional characters doesn't represent a huge investment on the part of the company. There's a lot of development time tied up in this content, and the justification for that expense is that they always planned to charge extra for it. Otherwise these characters simply wouldn't exist.

    And as for me being on their johnson, I am neither a fighting games fan nor a Capcom fan, I just choose to view these sorts of things without the overwhelming sense of entitlement that you claim not to have.

  9. 0
    Bill says:

    You can be certain that I am not going to buy the game.

    No it's not about feeling entitled, it's about seeing some in the industry intentionally holding back material that in bygone games was free simply to increase the profit from assets they already created.  The fact that it is on the disc is evidence of this practice.  Game prices increased 10 bucks, fine I payed the extra 10.  But then they're like "Oh BTW now you have to pay the extra 10 and another 10 to 20 to get content we used to give you for free".  I am not against EXTRA content beyond the scope and budget of the original product.  You know, things that we didn't used to get for free but that add value to the product.  Capcom got busted, get off their johnson and help us beat back their dishonest attempts to extract more money from us without first providing a valuable extra product.  Lets keep them honest. 

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    eston says:

    Games are not pizzas. When you buy a game, you're buying the core game. This is what is being advertised to you, this is what it says on the box. You were never mislead, it was clear from the start that these additional 12 characters would not be free. You're certainly welcome to not buy the game if you have a problem with that, but comparing it to making you pay extra for the crust or sauce of a pizza you already bought is a huge exaggeration.

    And when I hear the "it's on the disc, therefore I should have access to it" argument, I can't help but wonder what the difference is between that and being required to store the characters on your HDD if you want to play online, whether you actually bought them or not. I mean they're on your hard drive, so you should totally have access to them, right?

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    E. Zachary Knight says:

    I find your examples a little lacking. Here is how I would phrase it:

    You are buying a house. You find one you really like. You visit it and see that everything is nice and just what you wanted. When you finally close the deal and move in you find that the previous owners had sealed up two rooms and the garage and left a note that for another $50k they will give you the "right" to unlock those rooms.

    In such a situation you would be within your rights to tear down any barriers to those rooms without the permission of the previous owners. But because of the massive crapfest that is current copyright law, you can't do the same with software.

    E. Zachary Knight
    Divine Knight Gaming
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    ddrfr33k says:

    CliffyB actually had the only justifiable reason in my book for including DLC on the disc.  When Gears of War 3 came out, there were some fans who were upset that the RAAM's Shadow DLC campaign was on the disc.  Cliffy went on the record with a couple gaming news sites to talk about it.

    The main reason why it was on the disc and not downloadable is that Gears 3 was originally scheduled to release in March of 2011. Fearing a price war and smaller profits with Bulletstorm, another Epic game, they pushed it back to September.  Since the discs hadn't been pressed, and the campaign was already completed, they decided to include it on the disc to reduce strain on the servers when the DLC went live.  All the other DLC (fenix rising, and the one coming out next month) aren't on the disc, nor are any of their assets.

    On top of all this, he came out to the members of the press and told them his side of the story. The readers were out for blood, and the writers and Cliff knew it.  I find that the fact that he laid it all out for everyone and didn't keep any "secrets" about it definitely helped calm the ire of the public.

    I still don't like the season pass idea, though.

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    GrimCW says:

    in the cases where there is an actual download despite it being on disc, it becomes questionable as to how much was really finished, and what was downloaded.  more than likely it wasn't all put in to prevent exactly the above as opposed to being unfinished.

    DLC should be just that, DOWNLOADABLE Content. Not, oh hey, we're 99.9% finished with this, but lets just ship that and then add the other .1% later for a hefty fee.

    there are a number of instances where the PC ports have been found to contain nearly ALL assets required to run the supposed DLC (of which the PC ports often do not get in full). fine example is the PC players of Transformers WFC have found ways to unlock a few of the supposedly download only characters that they were never given but just so happen to be all there in game minus maybe a few animations. This being an instance of clearly not putting all the data there in order to prevent such hacking, but allow for the sales of those characters.

    capcom though, like others, have claimed that the stuff is "incomplete"… IMO if its incomplete, don't include it at all if you intend to SELL it.. though as proven by some intrepid hackers yet again, its all lies just to cover their asses in front of the consumers that'll actually believe that crock.

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    nighstalker160 says:

    I don't like on disc DLC anymore than the next guy but sometimes I wonder about the whole "It's already on the disc."

    It seems, if the characters are being played, that this might be a case of the characters actually being there in full and I imagine that would be more likely in a fighting game. I suppose it all depends on what Capcom's definition of "unfinished" is. If a single audio file is missing Capcom would call it "unfinished" which is bogus.

    But, especially in larger, more detailed games, how likely is it that a full DLC is on the disc? Are the 500-750MB Downloads just there for show? Could it be possible that SOME Of the DLC (maybe character models etc) are on the disc but not the "DLC" proper (quests, sound files, scripting etc)?

    That seems likely to me, especially when you consider that a lot of DLC IS cut content in a "We can't finish this before release BUT we definitely want to get it in there!" So they leave some of the, finished, assets on the disc to reduce download size later?

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    Yarick says:

    Alright let's shape this situation in a couple different ways that are essentially the same thing.

    You go to the store and buy a pizza for $10. You get it home and open the box because hey you want this pizza right now. Instead of a pizza inside the box you find that you have to pay $5 for the crust, $3 for the cheese, and $4 for the pepperoni, even though everything is already in the box.

    Or you go to a car dealer and buy a car for $25,750. After you buy the car they want to charge you $10,000 for the engine already in it, $5,000 for the seats, and $2,000 for the steering wheel, even though all those things are already in the car.

    The content was on the disc already. You bought the disc. At the very least this should be raising MASSIVE ethical questions. When you buy the disc you should own everything that's on it, just like when you buy a car you own every part of it. And the outrageous thing is this is the only industry that this kind of garbage would be tolerated in because people will sit there and accept it. The bottom line is this is wrong, and it needs to be stopped. It's making the consumer pay for something they essentially already own.

  16. 0
    Bill says:

    "I'm not altogether against on-disc DLC, and I guess I'm one of the few who refuses to condemn Capcom for it"


    That's a damn shame.  It's not "DLC" it's just "Content".  They didn't finish the game then say, "hey lets build 12 more characters the fans have been asking for", they were done already then locked them away for extra money (as proven by the hackers).  Soul Calibur and Tekken did this too, but unlocking the characters was FREE!!!  All you had to do was play the game and the content just flowed forth.  People who will not condemn this behavior are encouraging more of it in the future.  Capcom makes some great games but that doesn't give them a pass to screw us.  Get pissed man, come on!  This case is blatant.

  17. 0
    eston says:

    I'm not altogether against on-disc DLC, and I guess I'm one of the few who refuses to condemn Capcom for it, but at the same time I have a hard time feeling sympathy for them over this. After all, people aren't using hacked Xboxes to cheat at the game, they're just using them to access content that they already have in front of them.

    And yes, it is rather ballsy to go online with a hacked system, but it also in a way feels like people are making a statement by doing this, and I hope they aren't punished too severely.

  18. 0
    eston says:

    Well, I also think it's worth noting that the sheer amount of content basically dwarves the games of old. I remember when Tekken 2 came out I was amazed that it had like 25 characters, and you unlocked them by beating the game with the characters that were available right out of the box. Street Figher x Tekken has 38 characters right out of the box. That does not include the additional 12.

    And while I certainly understand the sentiment of "it's on the disc, therefore I should have access to it," that really just translates into "next time make me download all of this content and store it on my HDD."

    Whether or not the content was finished before the discs went into production is basically irrelevant. These characters were always planned as extras, they were never going to be available as part of the core game, and you were never going to get them for free. It's unfortunate that people can't recognize DLC as a shift in the business plan, and instead view it as getting shorted on content when the fact remains that games today are HUGE compared to games 10, 15, or 20 years ago, and prices have not gone up all that much.

  19. 0
    nighstalker160 says:

    Right, on disc content that is fully completed should NEVER be charged to unlock. If it's partial assets for content that wasn't finished on time and is later released as DLC fine. But fully completed, on disc content, should only be "locked" in an achievement "Unlock this after beating the game" way. NEVER for more money.

    Although, I suppose you have the argument that "Hey, Windows installation discs include ALL versions of the OS and you only unlock one based on how much you pay." 

  20. 0
    E. Zachary Knight says:

    To this I say: "Boo freaking hoo Capcom.

    You freaking package content on the disk and then actively seek out punishment for people who are creative enough to access said content without going through your little price gouging conspiracy? Cry me a freaking river.

    If you honestly don't want people to access content they are supposed to pay extra to get, then you should make all of it downloadable.

    You made your bed. Now lie in it."

    E. Zachary Knight
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  21. 0
    Bill says:

    "Fans were upset to find that the DLC was already packed onto the retail disc."

    As they should be.  It appears that Capcom "finished" the game then said "Lets take a certain percentage of those characters  and lock them away so people will pay us extra to make them available".  Look I don't mind buying add-ons that were made after the fact.  but to take a complete game and cut away a percentage of it just to sell back to the gamer sucks.  I'm not for hackers exploiting games or cheating but what they are doing is showing that capcom's statements about these characters being unfinished on the disc are false.

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