Capcom Says it is Aware of Hacked Street Fighter x Tekken DLC Characters Being Played on Xbox Live

According to this C&VG report, Capcom is aware of hacks being used to play unreleased Street Fighter x Tekken DLC content on Xbox Live, and will do something about it. At first Capcom's senior VP of strategic planning and business development Christian Svensson said that it was working with Microsoft to deal with these problems in this Capcom Unity thread (the link was not operational at the time of this writing), but later said that Capcom would get those engaging in this type of behavior on its own.

"Yes, we're seeing news of this," said Svensson in response to user inquiries about it. "Quite ballsy for folks to be taking hacked Xbox 360s on Live where they are detectable."

"In any event, we already have opened channels of communication with Microsoft on these issues Friday night," he continued. "If you can capture screens or video of this in action (as some have already) we're working on bans for boxes and accounts with Microsoft for haxxors."

The thread was left open for awhile to let users tattle on those who might be running a hacked version of the game online, but was later locked. Capcom left a simple message for those inquiring about it further:

"We'll catch them ourselves."

The content in question is a 12 pack of characters that will soon be released as DLC. Fans were upset to find that the DLC was already packed onto the retail disc. The 12 pack of characters will be released soon for 1600 MS Points, or around $20.

Source: C&VG

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