Video Games Live Goes ‘Off the Grid’

Video Games Live has typically been a "big city" event that fine folks in smaller cities and towns rarely ever get to experience. But the organizers of the video game music event want to change that by going "off the grid" to bring the show to some smaller venues.

"We continually receive thousands of e-mails a year from families and gamers who would love to experience our show, but find it hard to travel to major cities and have to deal with travel expenses, overnight stays, getting the kids out of school, etc. and we would like to try to accommodate as many people as possible to share in the experience," explained Video Games Live Creator Tommy Tallarico. "Our goal from the beginning has always been to show the world how culturally significant and artistic video games have become. I wanted to create a show for everyone whether you’re a gamer or not. We always keep our ticket prices as low as possible so everyone can come out and experience what we have to offer… in some locations this year due to certain sponsorships the ticket prices are as low as $5 each!”

With the addition of tour stops at smaller venues, Video Games Live will vastly increase its yearly tour stops beyond the between 40 – 50 performances a year average. The shows will be the same for venues regardless of size.

Fans that like this idea are asked to show their support by signing up to the Video Games Live Mailing List at Be sure to include your city/state/country information along with the games you would like to hear (which will be used to create the setlist for that show). You can also simply email your information to A list of the top 10 cities will be released next month and will be added to the 2012 – 2013 tour.

The "Off The Grid" Tour begins this week. Cities and dates can be found below (tickets are on sale now):

March 21, 2012: London, ON (John Labatt Centre) at 8PM

March 23, 2012: St. Charles, IL (Arcada Theatre) at 7:30PM

April 4, 2012: Red Bank, NJ (Count Basie Theatre) at 7:30PM

April 7, 2012: Bethesda, MD (Strathmore Music Center at 2PM and 8PM (two separate shows)

April 14, 2012: El Dorado, AR (Municipal Auditorium) at 7:30PM

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