FTC, California AG's Office Address Children's Safety at Digital Kids Conference

March 20, 2012 -

Representatives from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and California's Attorney General's office will address mobile app safety for children at the Digital Kids Conference on Wednesday, April 25 from 3:45 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. (Room 1, Pasadena Convention Center, 300 E. Green Street, Pasadena, CA). Federal Trade Commission Staff Attorney Kenneth H. Abbe and Travis LeBlanc, Special Assistant Attorney General for Technology for the State of California will deliver their remarks on the topic as part of conference's Digital Kids Safety Track.

They will address safety and privacy concerns the mobile space presents for children and how requirements of the new Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act could affect business compliance. The talk is geared towards social networks, online games, mobile apps, virtual worlds, and related product makers.

The Digital Kids Safety Track is co-produced by Engage Digital and kidSAFE Seal Program. For more information, check out digitalkidscon.com.

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