Hydrophobia Maker Enters Administration

Dark Energy Digital, best known for their game Hydrophobia, has entered into administration, according to a GamesIndustry International report. The Manchester, England-based studio is now under the eye of administrators Leonard Curtis, who moved in last Friday to oversee the operation. The prevailing rumor is that the company's assets might be bundled up into a 'pre-packed' administration deal. 

Dark Energy Digital founders Pete and Deborah Jones founded a new company in January called Dark Energy Publishing, which is supposedly lined up to take control of the old company's physical assets and IP at a "bargain price."

Further details on what will happen to the company's assets are unknown at this time. Dark Energy Digital's management team denied rumors in February that the company was in financial trouble and that it was heading towards administration. Obviously sources inside the company who were speaking to the media were correct. GamesIndustry International also said that sources close to the company have indicated that "staff wages are somewhat in lieu."

Source: GamesIndustry International

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