Nero Promotes New Album with Old School Beat ‘Em Up

London based dub-step duo Nero have launched a "Live Rig" on their official website, which gives fans a chance to listen to their music while playing an 8-bit game aptly titled "NERO." The game, an 8-bit homage to Final Fight or Streets of Rage, lets players beat up various street thugs while listening to one of the groups many tunes.

Here's the intro text from the game:

"The year is 2808…

The world is a dangerous place, crime and corruption is widespread. To get away from the grim reality of society, many people are living within alternate realities. The most popular of these is named ‘Second Reality’.

However trouble has even spread there. To combat this, a special elite force is put together.

Their codename is Nero…"

You can check out the game by visiting While you are there you can listen to several Nero tracks including "Guilt," "Reaching Out," "Departure," "Innocence," and more.

Source: Purple Revolver


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