Brian Fargo: Kick it Forward

A fresh update to the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter page from InXile front man Brian Fargo details what can be possible and what the company won't be doing no matter how much money they manage to raise. First the one thing Fargo says that they won't do (or have no plans of doing) is creating console versions of Wasteland 2.

"We are closing in on the funding for 1.5 million which will allow us to add both a Mac and Linux version of Wasteland 2 to the release," writes Fargo. "One of the (more common) questions I am asked is whether we'll support console and I believe it to be unlikely. It is imperative that we deliver the core PC experience that the fans are expecting here and I want to avoid any elements that could distract us. The console interface is quite different when you consider the input device and proximity to the screen whereas the Mac and Linux are pretty much identical to that of the "PC". We will consider a tablet version due to the similarity of the screen and interface but even on that we need to do a bit more research."

He then goes on to say that developers who have found great success in crowd funding their game projects on Kickstarter need to "Kick it Forward" to other developers who are looking for the money they need to fund their dream projects. He doesn't mean that his company should take money pledged by gamers – he means that they should help fund other projects "after" their successful Kickstarter projects have shipped.

"Both gamers and developers have so much more strength than they realize. But in order to help facilitate the power of crowd funding I am going to suggest that all of us that do utilize this form of financing agree to kickback 5% of our profits made from such projects to other Kickstarter developers. I am not suggesting taking a backers money and moving it to another project.. I mean once a game has shipped and created profit that we funnel that back into the community of developers to fund their dreams. I am tentatively calling this "Kick It Forward" and I will be the first to agree to it. In fact, I will have our artists create a badge that goes on all Kickstarter projects that agree to support this initiative. Imagine the potential if another Minecraft comes along via Kickstarter and produces millions of dollars of investment into other developers. This economic payback will continue to grow the movement way beyond the current system. I hope others will join me with this idea and make this a true shakeup."

Wasteland 2 currently has $1,461,396 pledged from 28,135 backers. The Kickstarter campaign has 26 more days to go before it ends.

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